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Caper Medicinal Plant
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The scientific name of Caper is Capparis Spinosa.

This medicinal plant belongs to the Family of Capparaceae Medicinal Plant.

The Caper also can be called with the name: Capers, Alcaparrera, Alcaparrero, Alcaparrilla, Alcaparronero, Caparra Caparrones, Capri, Bean Devil Tapenera, Devil Bat, among others.

This medicinal plant is a shrub native to the Mediterranean.

With drooping branches that can reach 22 cm or more in length, has thick, rounded leaves. The branches of this Herb have very sharp spines, up to 1 cm long.

Capers are Medicinal Plants that have white flowers with long stamens born at intersections of leaves with the stem, supported by regular stems.

Each Plant Caper can produce between 0.5 and 3 kg of fruits (capers). When they are ready for collection, are the size of a grain of corn, and dark green.

Used this Herb for Medicinal Purposes, its root, bark and flower buds.

The Capers are tonic, and whet the appetite. They have a sour taste, salty, sour and spicy.

Basically, this Herb is used for food, but has some Healing Properties, some of their uses are: diuretic, tonic, vasoconstrictor and hemorrhoid. Also used a root extract of this Medicinal Mlant in cosmetics to strengthen hair.

Recipes & Health Benefits from Caper Herb:

  1. Capers can accompany onions, radishes, mustard, etc.
  2. They are used in the preparation of: sauces and mayonnaise, spicy dishes that accompany fish, tuna, poultry and rice.
  3. The salted or pickled capers are used as an appetizer or salad dressing. They are a common ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine.
  4. Also consume the fruits of the Caper, called Capers. It is pickled in a vinegar and salt and are a delicious condiment in pizza, smoked salmon, salads and pasta dishes.

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