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Carrot Recipes to Fight with Allergies, Asthma and Vision

Carrots Recipes to Fight with Carrots, Allergies, Asthma and Vision
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Carrots are one of the most popular vegetables consumed in the world. Its scientific name is Daucus Carota and belongs to the family of the Umbelliferae or ApiaceaeCarrots are originated in Asia. Carrots are one of the vegetables most commonly grown as a food that is used in countless foods from each country. You can eat Carrots raw or cooked in all sorts of dishes both sweet and savory soups, salads, desserts, juices, etc. The Carrot is also being rich, is very healthy because it contains vitamin A, beta carotene and other nutrients and minerals that are highly beneficial to the body to keep you healthy and prevent disease.

The Carrot contains Medicinal Properties as antioxidants to prevent cell aging, helps fight and prevent cancer, improves and strengthens the view in general but also night vision, tonsillitis, wound healing, diuretic effect. This Plant helps improve skin, and protects it from ultraviolet radiation, prevent sun allergies is hepatic protective liver, increases resistance to infections, improves the production of red blood cells and purifies the blood, helps in problems of bronchial asthma and chronic active and improves circulation and promotes secretion of urine, making it ideal for people with fluid retention. There’s no excuse not to enjoy this Plant, yet take advantage of its healing qualities. Like all natural food should be consumed regularly to take effect but achieve excellent results.

Recipes from this Medicinal Plant:

  • Not only the root can be used to treat conditions is also useful seeds and juice it.
  • Infusion: can be prepared, eaten, make poultices and even use in facial masks that achieve the skin to have a calming and tonic is very good for this use because it makes the skin look young and smooth.
  • The great advantage of the Carrot is that is accessible to everyone and that is easily anywhere, no contraindications for its use and it is delicious.

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