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Ginseng Medical Herb: Health Benefits, Facts & Remedies

Ginseng Medical Herb
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The scientific name of this herb is Panax ginseng MeyerGinseng belongs to the plant family Araliaceae.

This herb has been used medicinally for a long time ago.

Among the common names of this herb are: Asian ginseng, Korean ginseng, ginseng, among others.

This herb is native to Siberia, China and Korea. It grows mainly in places where shade and moisture.

It is an herb that grows to 60 cm. high. The stem is round and has a thick root. The leaves are composed of 5 leaflets. The flowers are inconspicuous, and fruits are red berries.

Due to the abuse that has been given to this herb, has been declared as a protected species in many parts.

Korean ginseng is composed of citric acid, fumaric paraxanos, beta-carotene, ginsenosides, vitamin C, B7, B3, B2, B5, maltose, fructose, sucrose, protein, aluminum, calcium, chromium, cobalt, iron, copper, manganese, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, among other compounds.

Ginseng is considered one of the best plants to balance the body.

The Ginseg is a medicinal plant immunostimulant enable sexual ability. Ginseng is also a powerful regulator of vital functions.

It’s a very good plant for fatigue, because when we are exhausted can return the lost energy, but without causing excitement.

This plant is also used to reduce insomnia; stress (makes people not so depressed). Ginseng improves blood circulation and improve the mental, memory, facilitates learning, lowers cholesterol, balances blood sugar levels in the blood.

Ginseng strengthens the defenses and prevents the onset of disease. This medicinal plant also improves erection and increases sexual desire in humans (an aphrodisiac).

This plant can also be contraindications. It is advisable not to make treatment more than 3 weeks in a row; it should rest for at least a week in between. Symptoms may appear contraindication, stomach pain, headaches, among others.

Recipes from Panax ginseng Meyer:


Decoction of the dry silver 10%, drink a glass a day.


It should take 200 to 500 mg of a preparation, take 2 times a day.


10% decoction of the dried root of ginseng. He drinks a glass half hour before sex. Or 10-minute infusion of half a teaspoon of dried root per cup of water. Take 2 cup a day.


You can eat fresh ginseng leaves in salads or soups, not exceed 2 gr. Per day.

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