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Salsufragi from Caryophyllaceae Medicinal Plant Family | Remedy & Health Benefits

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This Herb is known as an Herb of the StonesSalsufragiSalsufragio. It’s Scientific Name is Silene Saxifrage. This Medicinal Plant belongs to the Family Caryophyllaceae. It’s Latin name, Salsufragi, means Breaks Stones. This Herb Plant is found throughout the Pyrenees. This particular Herb grows on the Rocks, so it is very uncommon to see her out of the rocks, especially limestone liking.

The grass on the stone is a Perennial Herb that grows to 25 cm. High. Salsufragi is often branching, with numerous branched stems. The leaves of this Herb are 1 cm or 1.5 cm, Oval-Shaped to Linear. The Flowers of Salsufragi have five petals are white or pink and are born at the end of the stems. The Calyx is long and Tubular, Slightly Tapered, and is between 8 and 12 cm. The fruit of this Medicinal Plant as an Ovoid capsule is 6-8 mm, Held within the Calyx.

The Salsufragi is used for Medicinal Purposes, popularly to break the stones in the bladder, thus facilitating it’s removal with an abundance of urine.

Recipes & Health Benefits from Salsufragi Medicinal Plant:


In a Liter of Boiling Water put 30 gr. of Silene Saxifrage. It can be sweetened or take it alone. You must have a cup before breakfast. This tea is good for improving the problems of bladder stones.

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