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Scabiosa, Medicinal Plant Benefits, Remedy and Recipes | Dipsacaceae Medicinal Plant Family

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The scientific name of this herb is Scabiosa Succisa. Furthermore, this plant can be found with the synonym: Succisa pratensis. This plant belongs to the plant family Dipsacaceae.

It is a healing plant native to the temperate zones of Europe and North Africa. Is a root herb branched, blackish in color, which seems to bite (hence the name Devil’s bite.) The stem of Scabiosa Succisa is fragile, hairy and branched. The lower leaves of this herb are oval and entire margins. The above are lobed. The flowers of Scabiosa Succisa are have a long stalk, are grouped into heads are globular and bluish-purple or scraped. This herb is commonly found on roadsides and in vacant lots. All aerial part of the Scabiosa has medicinal properties; it is purifying, diuretic, febrifuge, diaphoretic, vulnerary and menstrual regulator. Commonly used in teas devil’s bite.

Recipes from this herb:

  • Infusion: Infusion placed in 20 gr. Scabiosa per liter of water.
  • Tincture: placed 200 d.c. alcohol of 70 º and 40 gr. of Scabiosa. Drinking a teaspoon dissolved in warm water 3 times daily.
  • Poultice: the poultice of crushed leaves well Scabiosa is used to apply on bruises and facilitating its reabsorption.

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